Does Modern Technology Make Life & Communication More Convenient in 2021

Does Modern Technology Make Life & Communication More Convenient in 2021

Does Modern Technology Make Life & Communication More Convenient in 2021

As our society moves forward towards what the futurists term the “postmodern era”, there will be a renewed interest in knowing: Does modern technology make life & communication easier in 2021? \

The advent of Facebook and Twitter and other emerging social media sites have human communication taking a completely new look. We no longer spend hours glued to the television or jotting down notes in a text document; we log on to our computers and connect with others in real-time.

The possibilities are endless, but so is the potential for misuse. It’s easy to get wrapped up in our daily lives and neglect our communication efforts. But that’s precisely what our “techies” are doing. We’re following technology as it blindly progresses, not educating ourselves about what it can and cannot do. We must learn to think for ourselves.

 What types of social media platforms are we using? Are we using the most up to date methods of communication? Are we making the right choices? 

By asking questions like these, we can better understand what technology can do for us.

For instance, are we at risk of losing our sense of communication through texting and emailing?

 The answer is clearly NO! It has already happened; it may still happen tomorrow. But it is inevitable, and we as individuals are the ones who can prevent it. We need to take an active role in helping to maintain open communication lines between all of our friends and colleagues, whether they are on a social media platform or not!

How about video conferencing? 

It is a relatively new technology, but it is a great tool to help people communicate! Imagine being able to meet up with your business partners and loved ones in just a few short hours from now. It will drastically cut down on travel expenses and save you the money you would usually spend on plane tickets and hotel rooms.

In conclusion

I believe that we already have this modern technology at our fingertips. With the development of new computer software, we can send voice instructions to someone in another location. Just imagine how cheap, easy, and reliable video and audio communication can become. It is genuinely unique what the future holds. Still, as long as humans continue to use communication tools in a way that promotes unity and prosperity, I think we can rest assured that this technology will live on for the next few centuries. The future is here!