What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of E-Health Technology in 2021?

What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of E-Health Technology in 2021?

What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of E-Health Technology in 2021?

Why is E-Health technology expanding nowadays?

E-health technology is the trend nowadays and is catching up with the other healthcare services. The benefits that come as a result of using this technology are immense. All medical professionals can access vital information from anywhere in the world with the help of their computer. They can easily organize and sort the data and use it for various research and analysis purposes. 

In short, it helps the physicians, nurses, patients, and other health care professionals to make the correct decision regarding the treatment and other medical programs.

The advantages of e-health Technology are growing exponentially. It is the way forward as it provides an alternative source for delivering effective and efficient healthcare services.

With several countries worldwide moving towards electronic health records, there is rising demand for updated, secure and streamlined electronic health records. As a result, there has been a surge in companies specializing in creating, maintaining and updating medical record databases. These companies have come up with several innovative solutions that can benefit doctors, hospitals and other health care organizations in the country.


There are several advantages of e-health Technology.

 One of the primary advantages is its high degree of security.

  •  It guarantees complete safety and privacy of patient records. Another advantage of e-health Technology is its increased efficiency as it helps physicians and other medical staffs in their daily tasks. It enables them to access information from any location without facing any hassles.

How to protect medical records from hackers? What are the preventive measures taken by health services providers?

There are different ways by which one can protect their medical records from intruders and hackers.

  •  One can install anti-virus software, an anti-spyware program, a firewall, and all sorts of security measures in their computer systems. It will help in protecting their databases. Some companies also provide e-health service for free or at a meagre cost.
  • Some e-health service providers claim to have a better return on investment. They maintain massive databases and update them regularly.
  •  They also provide backup and online support services. If your medical record database falls victim to corruption or any other disastrous event, they guarantee a full refund of money or replace damaged items. They also offer disaster recovery services.

Most of these companies have well trained technical personnel. They develop the medical record databases after collecting the data from many sources. The databases are updated frequently and contain the latest medical knowledge. These e-health solutions are beneficial to doctors and other health care professionals in providing information about patients to their patients.

Disadvantages of e-health Technology

Electronic Health Records (EHR) has emerged as a blessing for medical professionals to improve the quality of health care and at the same time minimize the disadvantages of E-health technology. 

Nowadays, people are more concerned about their health, making them undergo regular medical checkups that can include blood pressure checks, physical activities, etc. Hence, medical records are essential for physicians to assess patients properly and make wise healthcare choices.

But there is also one disadvantage that has been pointed out. 

  • When doctors need to access the personal medical data under E-health, the security of all medical records needs to be ensured.

 It means that the patient’s information needs to be secured and that the patient’s identity is protected. 

  • There have been occasions where patients have used different accounts to evade medical expenses being claimed by their doctors. Besides, in some cases, identity theft had also occurred because of this.

Electronic medical record software helps doctors and other medical staff members to determine the proper medical treatment for a patient. It also assists them in the preparation of invoices, etc. But despite the numerous benefits of E-health technology, there are also some drawbacks, which are worth mentioning. 

Below are some of the disadvantages of E-health:

Electronic medical records are sometimes referred to as “big brother” because of their ample storage space and the ability to store information from various sources. Some believe that it makes it difficult for patients to remember everything that is said between their doctors and nurses. However, this is not the case because electronic health records contain all the doctor’s information to know to treat the patient correctly.

What does Electronic Health Records contain?

 Electronic Health Records contains patient medical information that does not have any real-world relevance. It includes historical data, medical diagnosis and treatments, personal history and medical facts, etc. In some instances, doctors and other medical staff might misuse this data. Also, there are instances where patients themselves could tamper with these records to make it seem that they are healthy when they are not.

In Crux:

E-Health has also been called “big sister.” Its many critics have also called it a system that is both confusing and complicated. Also, it may not provide the kind of seamless service that specific web applications offer. Many physicians are also not fully aware of all the features and functions available in different E-Health technologies.